Baby Carrier

Colour: Blue
Carry your baby here and there without effort. Thanks to this baby carrier you can go anywhere you want with your baby. You don't have to renounce to your life anymore, not because of your sweet and beloved newborn. Even in the more chaotic metropolis, you won't have problems with carrying your baby because you won't need strollers or any other bulky carrier. Specifications: Name: Multifunctional baby straps Fabric: 100% cotton (excluding accessories) net fabric 100% polyester (excluding accessories) Two styles: 1. Pure cotton breathable single shoulder, 3-D environment-friendly breathable mesh cloth, 3-D environment-friendly breathable mesh cloth, 3-D hexagonal honeycomb breathable mesh cloth and 4-carbon wool cotton; 2. Pure cotton four-season single-shoulder type: 1. Carbon wool cotton; 2. 3D hexagonal honeycomb breathable mesh cloth; 3. 3D environment-friendly breathable mesh cloth; 4. Carbon wool cotton; Functions: Head protection function, backplane support, windproof cap, waistband pocket, bottle bag, soft silicone cushion; Reasons for recommendation: 1. Ten in one, various back methods, pure cotton material, soft and skin-friendly, labor-saving and comfortable. 2. Supporting backplane protects baby's spine, supporting backplane, holding baby's waist back, protecting baby's delicate spine from hunchback problem, and protecting baby's healthy growth; 3. Removable back plate, not to pull the neck, the back strap after the back plate is disassembled, more comfortable and breathable, not to pull the neck, not to giggle, bring good comfort to the baby; 4. Two kinds of labor-saving adjustment modes, travel easier and labor-saving adjustment mode, can adjust the shoulder, back, waist, abdomen, different parts of the force size according to each person's own situation;

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