Baby Carrier with Seat

color: pink
Make your baby more comfortable while reducing your backache. Thanks to this baby carrier your baby can seat and reduce the pressure over his/her spine, while it will also make it easier for you and your health to carry your kid around. Specifications: Product Category: Waist Bench Import or not Maximum load-bearing capacity: 15kg Method of Use: 1. First, buckle the shoulder strap, then adjust the length of the shoulder strap, then adjust the length of the waistband to the suitable waist circumference, and finally buckle the plastic-steel buckle. 2. This product is suitable for front-hugging use. Shoulder strap and waist-length should be adjusted properly when using. After buckling, the buckle should be buckled on the right side of the front of the strap. Then the baby should be put into the backpack. Finally, the buckle on the right side and the steel buckle should be buckled properly. 3. The product varies according to the size of the baby: when the baby is older, it can carry it on its back as described above, or face the baby forward as you do. Five intimate designs: 1. Shock cushion 15mm thick cushion baby is like sitting on the sofa, even if a very bumpy baby is very comfortable. 2. Thicken the waist pad. The 25mm cushion reduces the pressure of the waist stool on the crotch and will not be tired if used for a long time. 3. Remaining band arrangement-receiving circle. Accept the design and say goodbye to the mess. 4. EPP seismic support cushion. 5. Careful scratch prevention design. When using the waist alone, turn down the protective cover to cover the zipper, which can prevent the zipper from rubbing the baby's legs.

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